Friday, December 11, 2009

MX: all process for project 2

Just to be sure it's all here, I'm going to post/repost everything right now.

initial brainstorming

brainstorming pt deux

rapid prototype screen grabs

idea 1-sort categories

intro-page with swapping portfolio image in bk/g

one sorted view of my portfolio

individual portfolio piece slide show

refinements toward final direction

screen grabs from final (semi)functioning website

Friday, December 4, 2009

MX Final Crit

I set out to create a portfolio site that could be somewhat exploratory, but at the same time would offer the viewer the option to also quickly access certain pieces of information. I acknowlege that the grid view can be busy and lose its novelty (I am still trying to work out the jerky nature of the 'reverse' highlight, or dim), this is why I also offer a list view.

I also wanted to introduce myself from the start-this is why my contact page is also an intro page. This is almost symbolic of a firm handshake with good contact at the beginning of an interview.

I'm really proud of the amount of code I've produced to trouble shoot the adverse reactions that are going on between different components. That being said, I feel like I'm still having a ton of issues that I need to work out. For example I haven't figured out how to combine my sorted views with my slide-show view. I definitely had a few moments over the last couple weeks where I would stand up and exclaim "I'm an f*(%ink genius!" while others I wanted to stomp my macBook into pieces because I was missing one little tiny detail that would make my code work. Evidence of this is the fact that I started over nearly clean slated upwards of 60 times. I definitely learned that I am not a patient person and have a lot of trouble learning without example, or with an example that's out of context of location to the code.

Regardless, when I work my issues on this out, I think it will be an innovative yet clear way to introduce myself.