Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sound and Motion: Final Story Board

I will get a better picture tomorrow. i didn't realize this one was so distorted.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visual Language: Get out the vote audience

My choice of audience is specifically young hispanic women aged 18 to 34 of Mexican descent.

1. what are some predominately shared values of this group? (broadly in life, not politics)

the notion of respect (oneself and others), retaining close ties to homeland (many still have family there and send money back. in this specific demographic, less are immigrants than in past years, but still many have immigrated into the US for better opportunities and living conditions.), the idea of reciprocity and you get what you give mentality that is portrayed in relationships both personal and professional, Obligation to provide drives work ethic, Cultural practices (Quinceanera, day of the dead, etc.), the idea of 'Chisbah' - or a sense of humor pertaining to not taking life or self too seriously, non-confrontational or agreeable disposition, language (only 55% of hispanic american women are fluent/only english speakers.), and religion (89% of the population of Mexico are Roman Catholic and due to 'keeping close ties' many Mex-Ams are Roman Catholic.)

2. what political policies/issues are particularly important to this demographic in this election? why?

Affordable and quality education, Immigration (naturalization and citizenship-mexican american women have the lowest rate of citizenship in hispanic immigrants: 24%.), stabilizing the economy (stems from the aforementioned better opportunities), and terrorism/crime. In the more conservative/religious Mexican Americans there is a strong resistance to abortion, higher taxes, and non-traditional marriage.

3. are there any cultural references your demographic identifies with? what?

Traditionally speaking: Quinceanera, Day of the dead, Our lady Guadelupe, Veladores (st. candles) papel picado, duvalin, ristras, bright colors, ornamentation, tamales, and tin ornaments.

More valid in a contemporary sense to my audience: Quinceanera, bright colors, ornamentation including roses/flowers, Jennifer Lopez, Rosario Dawson (votolatino.com), Bratz dolls, Telemundo and Telenovellas.

4. what does their graphic landscape look like? (this is sometimes called a "visual audit") put another way, assemble a range of designed artifacts that are targeted toward this group - packages, posters, companies, logos, publications, etc.

5. including the aiga document and other sources, what are the issues cited for this group not voting?

Not old enough (45.5 million hispanics were under 18 during 2004's election), not legal citizens, too busy, bad weather, forgot, felt it wouldn't make a difference, conflicting schedule, voter registration problems, illness/disability, not interested/apathetic, didn't like the candidates, inconvenient poll location, and being out of town or absent.

important sources:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sound and Motion: Kinetic Type Storyboards

3 storyboards conveying the actions of slurp, squirt, and splat (not necessarily in that order).

and this is the direction i will be heading in.:

next stop: 30 frame mounted storyboard.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sound and Motion: Kinetic Type Sketches

*sauce: squirt, slurp, and splat
noodle: boil, flop, slip

30 sketches:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sound and Motion; Final Book Spreads and Story Boarding

I didn't realize I hadn't actually published this post. my bad.

story board 1: spaghetti shopping trip
story board 2: boiling spaghetti noodles
final book 1: shopping trip
final book 2: boiling noodles

Sound and Motion; Two Best Spreads(process)

Superior? Maybe...

Boiling spaghetti noodles


pasta pictures


Spaghetti Shopping Trip




Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Semiotics examples



hat brim as well as an example of veiling

vintage nurse's cap


hat rack

hat form

hat box

Jackie Kennedy
Carmen Miranda