Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visual Language: Chosen Object

vintage woman's hat circa 1950's (still searching for an exact date/manufacturer)

My target audience would be vintage enthusiasts, more precisely those interested in apparel and accessories. Hats have always been an important piece of clothing history. Women in particular have made it an iconic part of fashion. Perhaps it would evoke memories of the first vintage store my audience had visited or the first time they saw a lady wearing a beautiful old hat. Hats have also been instrumental in the identity or association of title or employment ('man of many hats') and social status. I think that there can be a lot of interesting information uncovered about hats and their cultural connotations.

Monday, August 25, 2008

1st project of the semester: Narrative in Sound and Motion

Something I enjoy doing that others I know do: make spaghetti
Two actions related to this: grocery shopping and boiling the noodles

Let's face it, making spaghetti is an action ubiquitous to those practicing economical living (aka I'm broke and do it all the time). It's such an ordinary action that no one really thinks about the tiny little nuances to the practice of making it. I mean there's list making, shopping, water boiling, sauce heating (or making from scratch), plating it, and finally the delicious (and sometimes messy) part where you finally get to eat your creation.

Last semester I explored breaking down something like the 'american dream' into basic costs and availability, so why not try breaking down spaghetti.