Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mid-semester degree project summation

As we've crossed the half way marker for this semester, I find that I have not gotten past the half way marker on my project yet. But I have gone down a couple different paths so far.

First, I was fairly certain that I'd be making some kind of label that would go on to packages to allow the consumer to compare and contrast different products and their sustainability ratings. I have been developing icons to describe different sustainability issues that could span a variety of products and materials. I am still wrestling with the form of the label, though.

Secondly, I organized my research and began developing a form that designers could use as a sustainability scorecard to refer to while choosing materials and suppliers for their solutions. This information could be used to determine a products sustainability rating label.

I've also been sketching out ideas for alternative ways to package existing products that would turn the packaging itself into a useful product. I've also been examining ways to reduce the use of plastics in packaging.

I think where I need to go from here is dig into something and really go for it. I need to stop hesitating and not be afraid to fail while making things. I think that's what's stopped me from getting further already is that chance of failure. I should begin translating these package ideas into 3d models and narrow down the focus on how to curate my case study.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spatial Design: KC Auto Show Experience

At the KC Auto Show, there were some outstanding examples of practical, persuasive, and poetic modes of appeal in some of the displays.

This one is using environmental information as a persuasive means:

This one is using a poetic approach to navigation using the visual pun of street signs:

This example employs water and the idea of fluidity in a poetic manner:

Lincoln's sign is strictly practical:

While this porsche display offers both a practical and a poetic experience through infographics and 3d installation: